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G. I. Bins is a full service veteran owned company founded in Grand Rapids, MI.

We specialize in trash bin cleaning, sanitizing, and deodorizing and all your power washing and pressure washing needs. 

Our pride is all about quality service at an affordable price. 

Why Choose G.I. Bins


We pride ourselves on making your bins sparkle by offering unique bin cleaning solutions you can rely on to keep your bins clean and sanitized. 


Our equipment and environmentally-friendly products help reduce water waste in our cleaning process while killing up to 99.9% of harmful organisms lurking in your disposal bins for a truly sparkling clean.


With customer service and tailored solutions like ours, it’s little wonder our customers turn to us to ensure their bins are as clean and safe as possible for everyday use.


Convenient curbside cleaning and a commitment to the satisfaction of our customers allows us to simplify the bin cleaning process for an experience that is as convenient for you as it is effective, safe, and affordable.

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